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The Sistersville Ferry

Boat phone:
(304) 815-2192



Built 1884 at Belle Vernon, PA

Built at Belle Vernon,Pennsylvania,1884 110.5 feet long.24 feet wide,3 feet deep in hall,66.93 gross net tons. The pilot house was originally over the engine room.It was later moved to the center of the boat as shown here.She had two man crew,The pilot steered the boat and operated the engines from the pilot house.The deckhand fired the boiler,handled the lines and loaded and unloaded the boat. Landing flats were required on both sides of the river for this type ferry" The Walter McCoy collection

Capt. E.W Talbot On Roof
Steamer, First sistersville Ferry, Built 1884- O.O. Brown
orion in mud
daniel mud
dora t in ice
kiwanas in ice
shamorck number 2
Claire e
other ferrys at fly
Eleanor D
elinor d with harmon
Rides ferry
rides with people
judge huickman
judge hickman
ferry 1
City of SIstersville in Louisianna
Axman boat
city of sistersville 2
city of sistersville II water
ferry at dusk
ferry in frozen river
ferry in winter 2
ferry pivot
ferry at landing 2015
ferry fest 2016
city of sistersville 2
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